Copywriting at the intersection of science and storytelling

What a copywriter with a science background can do for you

My years of hands-on experience with scientific data taught me two things.

  1. I love the spark in someone’s eyes when they find a piece of science relevant to their life.
  2. Not many people can communicate that message clearly.

My background, experience, and passion lies exactly at this intersection.

That makes me your personal translator.

I can create a great story out of the technical details of your sustainable work that will resonate with the people you need to reach.

Do you struggle to get the right message to the right person at the right time?

You need someone with the right experience to tell your sustainable story

My background will help your brand shine

a few things about me:
  • I’m a former hydrologist, with a Master’s of Science in Forest Hydrology
  • I was a fellow at the National Academy of Sciences
  • 10+ years as freelance copywriter
  • I’ve never missed a deadline
  • I love research
  • I (mostly) walk the talk – see my other website on green living in the modern world
Danielle Vick, sustainability copywriter

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can improve your sustainable business

If you only need to know one thing about me…

Know that my work centers around yours. I will value your time as if it were my own. I always meet a deadline, and will work on your project until you’re satisfied.

(Okay, so that was more than one thing. Like sustainable businesses, I’m multi-layered and have more than one takeaway!)

Check out my other website for simple tips on
living a guilt-free green life!

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