I believe in the power individual choices have to change the world. Maybe that’s idealistic. But I’m guessing you believe that too.

I’m also guessing that’s why you’re looking for someone like me. Someone who can take what you’ve created, whether that’s a green product, service or environmental nonprofit, and help you bring it the attention it deserves.

Now all we need is to get started.

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I am a freelance copywriter specializing in environmental organizations and green businesses. I vow to meet your passion for your organization or project with well-crafted writing and thoughtful communication. Together, we can combine my skills as an environmental copywriter and your passion for your organization into thoughtful communication that empowers your readers to take action.

What can an environmental copywriter do for your business?

The joining of science and communication isn’t always seamless.

But it’s my job to make it seem that way.

As your copywriter, I can help your readers identify with your subject in a way that makes it personal. That connection joins people with green business and organizations, and inspires them to take action.

Need someone to be a translator for you? Here’s some of the things I can do for you.


Content Marketing

In today’s world, content is king. There’s no better way to demonstrate you’re an expert. Fresh, well-written content gives donors, clients, and potential customers useful information pertaining to your organization, product, or service. As a bonus, the search engines love it.

Editing & Consulting

Dissecting the writing of others is one of the most enjoyable, and most difficult sides to what I do. As an editor, I tend to be thorough to the point of extremity, thoughtful, and pointed to ensure the project you are working on is the best it can be.

Technical & Persuasive Writing

Environmental copywriting can be tricky. Your content must display just the right amount of technical knowledge and emotional persuasion. As your writer, I’ve been trained to do both and will tackle for you an emotionally stirring fundraising letter, an annual report, and everything in between.


What is the #1 issue in your environmental organization today?

If you’ve made it this far, my guess would be you’re having some trouble getting your message to the right people at the right time who will take action.

I can help with that.

Or… perhaps you’ve run out of staff time. I frequently find my writing services being utilized in those actions that are always on your to-do list, but just never quite get done.

I can help with that too.

Or… you have a dedicated, brilliant staff who fit their job descriptions perfectly. But somewhere, the budget wasn’t set aside to hire a writer to communicate what your incredible staff is doing.

I can also help with that.

I can help in many more ways, too. All you have to do is get in touch.

Nature and Culture, International

Not only did Danielle provide an extremely comprehensive review of our website, she also advised me on how to communicate these changes to the rest of my team. Danielle is savvy, easy to talk to, and committed to helping you. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Le’ts Do It! World

I value your intelligence, creativity and team work skills. You were really constructive, helpful and open to trying different approaches. It was amazing to see how fast you grasped the essence of Let’s Do It! World. One of the best cooperation’s I’ve had and when I think about the time difference and that one of us is based on Europe, another in United States – that should give a guarantee to anyone that you can make projects run smoothly.

Vanessa Wiebel, Business Coach

My business stalled dramatically until I hired Danielle. As a copywriter she is consistent, prompt, and is very enjoyable to work with as she has a cheerful nature. Her copywriting catches the essence and tone of my own voice, making it excellent.