Watch out! You’re losing potential clients RIGHT HERE.

Once upon a time, you could have a great product or business and customers would find you. Sure you may have top-loaded your website with keywords, but everyone was fine with that arrangement.

You can still do that today, of course, but the process of appearing first on the list is a fierce competition.

If you’re a new green business, or an underfunded environmental organization, how can you possibly compete?

How do you make sure the people you target actually find you?

I’ll give you a hint… if you’re not doing this already, you’re probably not on the first page of the search engines and you can forget about being the first listing.

So where are you messing up?

Customers, clients and potential donors can’t find you because of one simple oversight.

You’re not producing enough content for your website.

Having a great website today isn’t enough. Search engines, not to mention prospects, reward you for fresh, regular, high quality content on that website.

In fact, if you aren’t doing this already, you’re in the minority.

According to LinkedIn, 72% of companies across the board are investing heavily in content marketing.

In essence, content marketing is a simple method of giving your online visitors something of value for free.

Good content must be relevant to your particular business and the kind of donors, clients, or customers you’re wishing to attract. It has to be engaging and useful, and above all, it hast to generate enough interest for them to come back, again and again.

Like with almost all marketing, green or otherwise, it starts with your prospect.

Say you are starting a green architecture firm. Dig deep and uncover the kind of questions someone looking to build green might have.

How much more expensive are green building materials? What are the benefits of green building to me, my community, and the environment? Is there enough affordable green products to make it feasible?

Or say you’ve just started a new organization to preserve the foothills outside your town. Potential donors and volunteers will likely have questions before they sign your petition or donate.

How worthwhile are these foothills to me, my family, or my community? What steps are you taking as an organization to ensure it goes undeveloped? Is it really likely we can save it? What will it mean to me if we can’t save it? What will it mean if we can?

Find the questions your prospects might have about your product or service and answer them, repeatedly, on your website. Answer them in different formats–video, articles, blogs, social media posts, interviews, case studies.

Green businesses and environmental organizations are positioned perfectly for this type of marketing.

It’s a soft sell, on that is answered by an unending supply of inspirational material and beautiful images.

Your task is simply to engage your readers in a way that points back to your business as the solution.

Good quality content will give you high quality visitors.

Good content gives you the very best chance of finding loyal customers and donors.

Why? Because they find you. Traffic to your website  that comes from people looking for you specifically is worth 10 times the visitors who may stumble upon you accidentally.

But it won’t be easy.

Experts today say that regular, good quality content is the new SEO.

Search engines have become smarter than we are. No longer can you simply say “environmentally friendly baby shampoo” ten times in one paragraph and float to the top of the list.

So how often do you post good content to achieve this search engine superiority?

The truth is, it’s up to what your budget and staff can handle. But in general, you need a lot of high quality, specific, variable content that reaches all the corners of your potential audience.

In time, your perseverance will pay off. You’ll bring in high quality traffic, raise the credibility of your product, and wiggle your way into a search engine niche.

But the best part is you’ll provide valuable information to the people you should be embracing the most: your target audience.

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