Hi! I’m Danielle

I’m a science-based freelance writer working exclusively with sustainable companies.

I specialize at the intersection of science and storytelling.
This is exactly where your sustainable message belongs.

As your sustainability copywriter, I will:

Deliver your message without greenwashing it.

Value and respect your time and your work as if it were my own.

Seamlessly mix science and storytelling to make your brand memorable and relevant to your readers.

What sets me apart from other sustainability copywriters?

science based education

Master’s of Science in Forest Hydrology and a National Academy of Sciences Fellow.

what this means for you

I can interview your staff, read scientific journals, and turn industry language into a relevant and memorable story.

15+ years experience

In-the-field experience as a hydrologist and project manger, plus over 10 years as a freelance copywriter.

what this means for you

I have seen how public opinion, politics, and current events can influence your projects, funding, and public perception.


I have never missed a deadline. I’m flexible, cooperative, and easy to work with.

what this means for you

You can expect a first draft that is well-researched, clean, and on-time.


I have written for dozens of brands and industries, weaving science with storytelling.

what this means for you

Your message will stand out from the crowd, be relatable, and memorable.

I bet you’re great at what you do. Give yourself permission to do it.
Let me handle the rest.

Get to know to your new sustainability copywriter

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Science based writing is unlike other kinds of sustainability copywriting. See if Danielle Vick's writing services are right for your sustainable brand.


I do a lot of different types of writing exclusively with brands and companies working to make the planet better than they found it. If that’s you, see if my services fit your needs.

Need help, but don’t know where to start?

Shoot me an email today with whatever details you have about your project. There’s no risk in getting to know each other a little!

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