Elements of Excellent Environmental Websites — Part I

Why is someone on your website? Or, perhaps, the better question is…Why do you have a website? That may seem like an obvious answer. But environmental organizations today face some new challenges when creating or updating websites. The main obstacle arises from the shifting importance of today’s website. And, equally important, the shifting expectations of readers who … Continue reading Elements of Excellent Environmental Websites — Part I

Excellent Environmental Email Headlines

Environmental emails often fall back on fear and shock to get donors to open them. Or worse, they reek of, gah! marketing. There are better, more creative, more direct ways to establish a reader relationship.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of an Environmental Donor

Before you get all hot and bothered imagining young environmentalists being lured off to a sketchy white van at the next bluegrass concert and, well, taking advantage of them… let me explain. I’m talking about delving into certain aspects of human nature, and persuading environmentally minded people to donate to your cause.