How to Get Past Emotions to the Stuff that Really Matters.

If you feel angry about something, it’s likely you assume the emotion you’re feeling is anger. Right? Not quite… Fiction writers are masters at showing (without outright telling us, of course) this subtle difference. As environmental writers, it’s to our direct detriment to ignore this delicate dissimilarity.

Don’t write to the hippies.

Most writers and marketers understand the concept of aiming your message to a specific person. Imagining someone real, whom you might have an actual conversation with, makes your persuasive techniques more relevant and convincing. But when you are writing a persuasive piece about nature… just who are you writing to?

How a lift note can impact your environmental message

People today can become immune to almost any communication tactic. But there’s one method that almost never fails to get a reader to pause. And even a one-second pause…(“Should I keep reading?”) can make or break your appeal.