What can an environmental copywriter do for you?

The joining of science and communication isn’t always seamless. But it’s my job to make it seem that way to your readers.

It’s my primary goal to make your job easier, to make the valuable connections for you that are vital in joining people with conscious minded businesses and projects.

Need someone to be a translator for you? Here are some of the things I can do for you.

Content Marketing

An effective method to give your readers something of value without actually selling them something, content marketing is king in today’s ruthless online world. In fact, good quality, regular content is nearly essential if you want an online presence.

As an environmental copywriter, I can give you all kinds of content with your specific, unique message at the forefront. Case studies, articles, blog posts, interviews, infographics, and video messages are just a few of the types of content I can craft specifically for you. Using content marketing, you’ll bring in high quality traffic while raising the credibility of your brand.

Editing and consulting

Thinking like a new reader or a donor is often too difficult for a seasoned staff member. It’s almost impossible to think like an outsider when you’re very much an insider.

This is where I come in as an editor. As your editor, I will be thorough to the point of extremity, thoughtful, and pointed to make sure the project you are working on is the best it can be.

Web content writing and editing

Many times, donors, consumers, and prospects decide the fate of your company in less than 10 seconds after landing on your home page. Is yours up to that challenge?

I can give you a professional analysis of your site and consult on some simple strategies for fixing the weaker spots. In addition, I write web copy that will invite donors and prospects to comfortably and swiftly find the information they are looking for about your company or your project and inspire action from the right prospect at the right time.

Case studies

Has your company or organization successfully overcome a hurdle? Did you find a unique answer to a challenging question? Case studies, essentially a short story describing your challenge, your progress overcoming that challenge and the positive outcome, are an excellent way to relate this story to other businesses, donors, prospects and the media.


In today’s world, people don’t have the time to spend catching up on the news, even on issues near to their hearts. If you don’t already have a newsletter, you’re missing an important marketing channel.

I will write copy for your newsletter that is fun, engaging, informative and succinct, delivering the important information you wish to impart in a meaningful, easy to read way.


As a fundraising copywriter, I believe finding just the right combination of compassion and inspiration brings the most impact to a fundraising campaign. The more donors who feel emotionally connected to your mission, the more they will wish to contribute to the change you are working so hard to achieve.

I believe people are drawn towards the personal stories that highlight the need for change, and success stories about how your organization or project has effectively accomplished that goal.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

In general, I never limit the type of writing I do once you and I become a team.

Contact me today. I’m happy to hear about your specific writing needs.

If you only need to know one thing about me…

Know that I am professional, thorough, easy to work with, and place an excessive importance on my own punctuality.

I never miss a deadline. Guaranteed.

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